Tesco Business Solutions Wins World’s Best GBS Award 2023 by SSON Research and Analytics

Tesco Business Solutions has received this recognition as it continues to distinguish itself as an industry leader in the Global business services domain.

Tesco Business Solutions (TBS), the global services arm for Tesco worldwide, was today awarded the winner of the World’s Best GBS Award 2023 by the Shared Services & Outsourcing Network (SSON) Research & Analytics. Given the extraordinary interest and growth in the GBS model, SSON Research & Analytics (SSON R&A) launched the World’s Best Global Business Services (GBS) Study & Award to identify a truly outstanding GBS – one that reflects the innovative and forward-looking policies enshrined in the model and delivers clear value-add beyond process efficiencies. Tesco Business Services has received this recognition as it continues to distinguish itself as an industry leader in the Global business services domain.
Speaking on this achievement, Sumit Mitra, CEO – Tesco Business Solutions, said, “This recognition from SSON is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence, unmatched eye for innovation, and our philosophy of “our success is through our colleagues”. It is an honour, privilege, as well as a responsibility. I am honoured because I know the rigour that has gone into being identified as the best. Privileged, because I have had the opportunity to lead such an amazing team across India, Budapest, UK, and ROI. And responsible because, as number one, we must continue to set the benchmark in the industry and share the knowledge to help others. Over the last 5 years, we have built something we are incredibly proud of. I cannot thank my business enough for its empowerment and support throughout this journey.” 
Tesco Business Solutions delivers core business processes for the Tesco Group. It aims to simplify and scale the reach of their services to their customers, colleagues, and suppliers through a best-in-class Business Services model through agility and a solutions mindset.
SSON Research & Analytics (SSON R&A) is SSON’s global data analytics centre and the premier resource for all the metrics, benchmarks, trends, and business insights that affect the Shared Services and GBS operations wherever they are based. SSON R&A’s user-friendly platform provides data-driven intelligence to a library of research studies and four data tools: Metric Benchmarker, City Cube, Intelligent Automation Universe, and the Shared Services Atlas. 

About Tesco in Bengaluru
Tesco in Bengaluru is a multi-disciplinary team serving our customers, communities, and planet a little better every day across markets. Our goal is to create a sustainable competitive advantage for Tesco by standardising processes, delivering cost savings, enabling agility through technology solutions, and empowering our colleagues to do even more for our customers. With cross-functional expertise, a wide network of teams, and strong governance, we reduce complexity, thereby offering high-quality services for our customers.
Tesco in Bengaluru, established in 2004 enables standardisation and builds centralised capabilities and competencies and makes the experience better for our millions of customers worldwide and simpler for over 400,000 colleagues.