Diversity & Inclusion


Everyone is Welcome at Tesco

Our differences are our greatest strength – we value individuality and create an environment where everyone is treated equally

Diversity and inclusion have always been at the heart of Tesco. One of our core values as an organisation is ‘we treat people how they want to be treated’. Our aim is to help colleagues feel comfortable so that they can bring their authentic selves to work, each day.

Across the Tesco group, we are building an inclusive workplace that actively celebrates the various cultures, preferences, communities and backgrounds that our colleagues come from or believe in. We believe, that for our business to truly succeed, it is imperative to have a workplace that celebrates diversity and has inclusion a part of our DNA – this is what we continuously work towards.

Lead and role model inclusion
Embed inclusion in everything we do
Listen, learn, act

Building an inclusive workplace

At Tesco, we strive to create an inclusive-mindset at the workplace. A place that celebrates different cultures, personalities and preferences of our colleagues. In order to align to our purpose, it is important that our colleagues feel comfortable and that our culture reflects the diverse communities we come from and thrive in.

Colleague Speak

Hear from our colleagues on how Tesco makes all our colleagues feel welcomed every day